18 Oct 2021

Foods That Can Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is caused by many things. Genetics, stress, pollution, illness, hormonal changes after birth and even the weather can have a huge impact on your hair health. It’s also becoming increasingly clear that diet also plays a key role in keeping your locks in tip-top condition. We are what we eat, and while we all know the importance of maintaining a balanced diet for our general health, we often unknowingly consume foods that make the condition of our hair worse. By eliminating them, or at least keeping them in moderation, you can help protect your hair from further fall and lay the groundwork for regrowth. Let’s have a look at some of the foods that can cause hair loss. 


Given the well documented health impacts sugar has, it probably comes as no surprise that it can be very bad for your hair too. A diet rich in sugar causes blood sugar levels to rise faster than the body can metabolise it. Although the precise mechanics are not understood, research has established a clear link to hair loss. Insulin is released which causes issues with insulin resistance. Hair follicle sensitivity is increased, making hairs liable to fall out. Blood sugar spikes often cause inflammation, which would also affect the scalp. Not conducive to hair follicle strength! Sugar is everywhere in our food. You can’t eliminate it, but you can scale it right back.


If you’re thinking of cutting your sugar intake by switching to “diet” soft drinks, make sure you look at the label. You probably haven’t heard of the artificial sweetener aspartame, but it’s a very common ingredient in diet soft drinks. Aspartame has a controversial history. It has been declared safe to use by many national health regulatory bodies, including the US and the UK. However, the drug has been linked to hair loss, a side effect noted in a list of 92 symptoms by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. Play it safe and avoid.

Mercury With Your Fish, Madam?

Fish is a rich source of essential proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 acids. But some fish are also a rich source of mercury! Although the amounts are nowhere near toxic enough to endanger your health, consuming some species can raise your blood mercury levels. A recent study has linked high levels of blood mercury with hair loss. Lessen your intake of mercury rich fish such as mackerel, tuna, swordfish and Atlantic cod and replace with anchovies, haddock, herring, salmon, sardines and trout.


Booze is not your hair’s friend. For a start, alcohol is a diuretic, which makes you pee more. Water plays a vital role in keeping your hair and skin hydrated. Your hair can’t do without water and neither can your skin. Dry hair breaks easily and a dry scalp makes the situation even worse. Alcohol consumption also leads to poor sleep, a major contributing factor in stress. Stress is believed to be the second biggest cause behind hair loss. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also create hormonal imbalances, and your liver cannot process toxins efficiently. Make sure you keep booze on a tight leash.

Greasy Food

Sorry – more yummy stuff you need to avoid! Oily foods typically hold large amounts of saturated and monounsaturated fats. Not only can regular consumption of these fats give rise to obesity and associated health conditions, but they also raise levels of testosterone. You may think this of this as a male hormone, but women make this too. Increased amounts of testosterone often elevate the levels of the DHT hormone, which has been linked to hair loss. Look after your hair health, as well as your general health, by keeping these foods that can cause hair loss down to a minimum.

What You Should Be Eating

With the correct diet, you’re helping to look after the hair you have, reversing damage and promoting regrowth. Eat a diet rich with eggs and lean meats to give your protein levels a boost. Nuts, lentils, spinach and other leafy greens also help to provide a range of essentials. Make sure that great supplements are part of your food regimen. If you’re experiencing hair fall, Hair Gain Gummies and Capsules are a must. They contain the unique AnaGain™ ingredient which can help stimulate fuller and thicker hair at the root. They’ve also got a brilliant blend of vitamins, minerals and aminos which will promote healthy hair growth from the inside.

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