27 Dec 2021

New Year, New Hair, New You

Ok – we all make New Year’s Resolutions, and we all break them! Well, at least some of them. After the Yuletide feasting and partying, we say we’re going to lose weight, cut back on the booze, quit smoking, get organised or learn something new. But what about our hair health? Healthy locks depend on good habits. If you have thin hair or loss, there are real steps you can take to help make every day a good hair day in 2022. Here are 6 resolutions truly worth making and keeping. New Year, New Hair, New You!

Turn Down The Heat


Excess heat is bad news for your locks, period. It strips them of moisture and natural oils, makes them brittle and prone to split ends. Styling tools such as straighteners, dryers and curlers are major culprits. And the damage they cause is cumulative, so the more often you use them, the worse the problem becomes.  Limit their use, or better still, embrace natural styles. Air drying your tresses maximises their ability to hold onto moisture. Hot showers and baths, while very relaxing, also do your tresses no favours. You don’t need to go full arctic but try and go lukewarm when washing your hair.

Shampoo Less Often


If you’re washing your hair every day, then commit to stopping that in 2022. Daily washing can be as bad at removing moisture and those precious oils from your locks as straighteners. Two to three times a week is enough to remove dirt, flakes and excess oil without drying everything out. Use gentle, natural products wherever possible of course.

Weekly Pamper

Your tresses take an ongoing beating from all sorts of sources. Styling tools, styling products, central heating and the weather all take a toll. Committing to giving your locks a weekly treatment to restore hydration and help heal damage is something you need to do. Hair masks are a wonderful way to get the hydrated and healthy hair that we all desire.

Our Hair Mask, with its scientifically formulated ingredients,  deeply penetrates your follicles, moisturising and nourishing them while boosting the scalp. It’s child’s play to use and just leaving in for 10 minutes once or twice a week will deliver great results and leave you feeling fabulous. 



We all know that changing how and what we eat can have a tremendous impact on our general health and wellbeing. But it can also have huge effects on the health of our locks. Haircare really starts from the inside, so putting the right things into your body is vital. Hair is primarily composed of a protein called keratin – boost it by making eggs, fish, lean meats, leafy greens and nuts a key part of your diet. Great supplements are also essential. Hair Gain Gummies and Capsules have the blend of vitamins, minerals and aminos needed to build healthy hair growth from the inside out, stimulating fuller and thicker hair at the root.

Meanwhile, make sure you avoid booze, sugar and all the bad foods that can harm your hair health!

Hit The Salon


Whatever style you have (especially that Christmas hair updo) you need to stay on top of it. Longer strands are far more prone to damage such as dryness, thinning and the dreaded split ends. Scheduling regular trims (even if you are growing your locks out) with a salon will help minimise these issues and keep everything in good condition. Everyone is different, but you should look at anywhere between a month between visits and certainly no longer than three.

If you really want to go for the full New Year New Hair, New You experience, then change your hairstyle – there are some fabulous style trends out there in 2022, with plenty of options for those with fine hair and hair loss.

Love The Hair You Have


While all these resolutions will help you achieve maximum physical hair health in 2022, you need to promise yourself to look after your mental health too. Hair loss can be very distressing and take an awful toll on your mind. But there are steps you can take which will help you cope and give you a more positive outlook. It’s a question of balance – take the right actions to help the situation but also accept that you are one of many, many women who live with the problem. Don't self-criticise, it only makes you feel worse.

Loving the hair you have will de-stress and calm you, improve your general health and lay the right foundations for all the other hair health resolutions you’ll be keeping to have the greatest effect.

Good luck on your New Year, New Hair, New You journey.

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