02 Feb 2022

The Hair Tinsel Trend is Back!

Y2K fashion is back and it’s booming, two decades down the line. Think metallic jackets, baker boy hats, Uggs, Juicy Couture, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, with lashings of bubblegum pink. Resurrected through social media by Gen-Zedders too young to remember it, Y2K fashion is everywhere right now! We’re also seeing the return of a major Y2K hair trend – yes, hair tinsel is back with a vengeance! Hair tinsel videos are currently everywhere on social – TikTok alone has had 135 million views on the subject. Here’s the low down on the booming trend.

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What Is It?

Hair tinsel is simply a hair accessory – thin threads of tinsel secured to strands of hair. There are a huge number of possible options, from a subtle look using a few strands in a colour close to your own to super-sparkly rainbow colours using large amounts of tinsel. It’s a versatile look and is a way of giving your hair colour and shine without using chemicals.

Who’s Wearing It?

While Gen-Z teens have been a driving force, celebs have played a major role in bringing hair tinsel back to life. Beyonce briefly popularised the look back in 2010, but more recently country star Kacey Musgraves wore a tinsel ponytail on her 2019 tour. Everything seems to have exploded since November, when Katy Perry promoted her Las Vegas residency dressed as the 70s version of Elvis, replete with rhinestone suit and long mane sparkling with hair tinsel. Interest has boomed and it’s clearly going to be a major 2022 trend.


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How To Put In Hair Tinsel

There are two ways to apply hair tinsel. With the clip-on method, the process is much like getting hair extensions. Wash your hair and dry as normal. Then, threads of tinsel are attached to small sections of at the root using micro rings.  Another way is to directly tie the tinsel to the hair. You can use the method you like best, either at the salon or at home with special kits. That's how to put hair tinsel in. However, putting tinsel in your own locks can be a very tricky art to master.

How Long Does It Last?

Hair tinsel is fairly robust and can last for up to 8 weeks at a push. It’s generally designed to be low maintenance, and you can wash and condition your hair as you usually do. It is also able to withstand the heat generated from hair dryers and straighteners. Never keep it in for more than 6-8 weeks. After that point, it can damage the hair it’s attached to, much in the same way extensions can.

Taking It Out

Removing hair tinsel is a matter of taking the ring (or knot) that’s secured to the hair and pinching it. You then pull it gently (and slowly) along the strand until it comes out. You must take great care to avoid pulling the roots of the hair out when removing the tinsel strands.

Who Can Have It?

While hair tinsel works better on straight hair (applying it to curly hair is possible but it needs work and does tend to blend less smoothly), it can work across a range of hair types. Use it in ponytails, plaits, braids and cornrows to create great looks. Crucially, the stronger the hair the better. The hair strands need to be robust enough to hold the tinsel in place without breaking.


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How Much Does It Cost?

As they’re designed to be a temporary accessory, they’re usually cheaper than permanent extensions. So, they’re a good price option for those wanting to glam up their look without breaking the bank. Salon prices will vary from salon to salon of course. Hair tinsel kits for applying at home start at around £10, so are a very budget-friendly option for those with the patience to learn the skill.

Hair Tinsel – The Verdict

There’s no doubt hair tinsel’s going to be everywhere in 2022. It’s a relatively cheap way of getting a cool new style, especially if you go down the D.I.Y. route. The almost limitless colour combinations mean you can get a totally unique and fun look, while you can go subtle and elegant, or loud and proud. It’s temporary nature also means you’re not stuck with the style for more than a few weeks. And if you're looking for a hair tinsel tutorial, social media is not short of tips! 

However, if you’re one of the millions of women with thin hair or hair loss, you need to be very careful regarding hair tinsel. There’s no doubt that the look is more suited to strong hair, and even with the most durable hair, it’s never recommended to keep the tinsel in for more than 8 weeks due to the risk of damage. Removing the tinsel can also cause hair to break or be pulled out too.

If you’ve got your heart set on following the trend, then go for a look requiring fewer threads of tinsel, at least at the outset. Make sure you allow plenty of time between applications to allow your locks to recover. And remember, if you are looking for a new look, there are some great and cool styles that won’t put your tresses under any extra strain.

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